Challenge your limits

Our every voyage enables us to discover experiences and sensations that provide unforgettable memories through which we capture the essence of each place we visit. Horizons made up of majestic forests, volcanoes or cliffs... The possibilities are endless and very different in every corner of the planet.

The Horizon collection is born, inspired by the great similarities and differences of the extreme landscapes of the poles, comprising two fragrances that evoke the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans, the northern and southern lights. Olfactory experiences that invade all the senses and whisk you away to these fascinating locations.



Inspired by the spirit of adventure, independence, freedom and genuine character that characterizes Coronel Tapiocca, 5th Avenue, New York and Camden Town, London arrive wanting to seduce the travelling men who want to recover their curiosity and discover the world with their own eyes, either in the wildest nature or, as with this collection, in two of the most emblematic and mysterious cities on the planet. Pure urban adventure.

Dream and plan your route

Nothing compares to the sensations aroused before starting a journey, unmistakable nerves and thousands of doubts intertwined with the desire to set off on a wonderful experience.

Travelling is more than just visiting places, it is recovering your curiosity and wanting to discover with your own eyes a reality that is still unknown. Travelling is making the landscapes, roads, cliffs and mountains your own, following the route you have planned, allowing yourself to be intoxicated by the special light in each place while you contemplate how some people's day-to-day satisfies our infinite and innocent curiosity.